Tickled • Look Book

I see the creative direction of 'Tickled' as being cool, modern and sometimes edgy, yet sweet and girly with vintage touches. The overall design of the book could be clean and graphic with some femininity, perhaps through the illustrations and font choices. The attitude is sophisticated, brave and fun. The photography and the quotes help to create a thread throughout the book, with pops of fabulous pink items in each image.

Below are images with the type of art direction, styling, as well as the types of items we may want to explore using in the photography. I've also included some examples of layout design and illustration that may fit within the creative direction of the book. These "tear sheets" help to evoke the feeling of the book itself...

In addition are some images in which we find pink occurring in nature, such as pink flamingos and Australia's Pink Lake, as well as in art in Christo's pink 'Surrounded Islands' and Mark Rothko's abstract color field painting.

I think this sounds like a fabulously, fun project! I hope to be able to explore all of these varied possibilities with you further. Thank you very much for your consideration.